Flight Simulator hardware for Expert Flightsimmers

Additional immersion for your flight simulator experience

We've selected the expert flight simulator hardware on this page with immersion in mind. The high-quality, precise, and sturdy flight controls listed on this page are built by their manufacturers to provide a better and even more realistic flight simulation experience. Using this hardware will take your simulation experience to the next level.

General Aviation, Airliner, or Fighter Jet? We've got you covered!

Most of the products you'll find on our 'expert'-page are inspired by actual planes but have been adjusted (a little) for flight simulation. You won't, for instance, find a HAT switch on a regular flight stick or yoke, but it surely is nice to have camera control in your cockpit.

To achieve the best -and most realistic- flight simulator experience, we advise using a joystick or yoke (depending on the type of plane you're flying), rudder pedals, and a throttle/throttle quadrant.

If you want to take an extra step in realism and experience, consider replica flight controls. These controls are (almost) exact copies of the flight controls you would find in a real airplane.

High-quality Flightsimulator hardware

Our selected expert products are, in general, a little more expensive than regular flight simulation peripherals. This is not only because they deliver a better flight simulator experience but mostly because of the use of a-grade materials.

One of the biggest plusses when choosing high-end flight simulation hardware is that (almost) all of them use Hall-effect sensors. These sensors are incredibly accurate (which translates into precise control of your plane) and have another benefit; they don't have any moving parts, meaning they don't wear and last for many years.

Not ready for expert products yet?

No worries! Practice makes perfect. We also have recommendations for beginning flight simulator pilots or simmers with some experience.