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Flight Simulator Rental

  • Unique experience
  • Eye-catcher at every event
  • Expert support

Eye-catcher for your trade fair, event or company party

Our Flight Simulators are the perfect way to attract visitors to your stand at trade fairs or events in The Netherlands or Belgium. Let your guests experience the fun and realism of virtual flying by putting them behind the controls themselves. This can be done both in competition form (landing challenge or TopGun challenge) as well as during a free flight.

With the rental of a Flight Simulator, you bring a real eye-catcher to your stand.

  • Landing Challenge

    Landing Challenge

    Who is able to land an airplane perfectly and achieve the highest score?

    Our Landing Challenge is available with different types of aircraft and at various airports.

  • TopGun Challenge

    TopGun Challenge

    At high speed, skimming just above the surface of water, flying between the mountains, to reach your goal.

    The TopGun challenge is inspired by the movie of the same name, where you control an F-18.
    Will you set the high score?

  • VR and Motion

    VR and Motion

    If desired, the Flight Simulators can be equipped with additional
    options for an even more realistic experience, such as Virtual Reality
    glasses or a motion platform.

  • And more...

    And more...

    Not looking for an element of competition, but rather for a unique flight sim experience?

    Let us know your wishes; the possibilities are (virtually) limitless.

Based on customer requirements, our standard Flight Simulator is adapted for use with General Aviation controls, Boeing Controls or Fighter Controls (F/A-18). For this, we use the following hardware

  • Next Level Racing Flight Simulator seat
  • 55 inch UHD TV screen
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator


  • Next Level Racing Motion hardware
  • VARJO Virtual Reality headset
  • Ultimmersion 180 degree curved projection screen

Transparent prices

We use the standard prices below for the rental of our Flight Simulators. Please contact us for special requests.
All prices are excluding VAT and travel expenses (€ 0.50 /km).
Please note: we only provide rental services within Belgium and The Netherlands.

Flight Simulator, incl. support: € 699 per day (8 hours), € 399 per half day (4 hours)
For weekend or evening rentals, we charge a surcharge of 50%.
For multi-day rentals, you will receive a 15% discount on the simulator rental for the following days. When renting multiple flight simulators, you will receive a 10% discount on the total price.

Next Level Racing Motion seat: € 299 per dag
Virtual Reality headset: € 249 per day, € 199 per half day
Ultimmersion 180 degree screen: € 349 (one-time) + € 199 per day

For optimal operation of our flight simulators, a power connection (230V) and internet access (wired or via WiFi) are required.

These companies went before you

This is how our flight simulators are experienced

  • You feel like Tom Cruise when you skim over the water at high speed.
  • I missed the high score by a hair,
    so I will rejoin the back of the queue to try again.
  • Landing a plane on an aircraft carrier is trickier than you think. Huge thrill when you pull it off.5/5


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