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We fly criss-cross around the world. Enjoying the view, working hard to place an aircraft on the center line at the end of the flight. Sometimes with the next flight already in mind.

Perhaps we - as flightsim enthusiasts - will still be looked at foolishly when we tell people we had a nice flight last weekend.
There is no hobby with so many possibilities as flight simulator. Every flight is always different, and the possibilities are endless due to the many add-ons and hardware.

Flight Simulator is a passion. Our passion and the passion of the vast majority who place their orders with us daily. A passion that you have to experience to start appreciating it. Every day we manage to inspire people to give Flight Simulator a try. When they experience the beauty and fun of the simulation, the passion comes naturally!

From our passion for flight simulation also comes extensive product knowledge. The majority of the hardware in our store has been tried and tested by us. Because of this, you can be sure that all flightsim controls we sell are of the highest quality!
In addition, we believe it is important to offer the same level of service that we (as consumers) expect. For us, this means: clear communication, no hassle with returns, and good support with problems.

In doing so, we strive for perfection, and while we certainly realize that this will not always be possible, we are very proud that 99% of all our customers recommend us.