Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight System

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Product information

All-in-one flight controller for Xbox and PC

The Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight Control System offers a solution to anyone who is looking for a complete flight simulation all-in-one solution for PC and Xbox.

The set consists of all flight controls, a trim wheel, an annunciator panel, and even has an output for your headset.

Flight Simulator Yoke with rudder controls

The Velocity One includes all the elements used to fly an aircraft, including a smoothly 180° rotating yoke. The Velocity One yoke uses non-contact hall effect sensors, which are not only highly accurate, but also last for years.

On the yoke, you will find integrated Rudder Pedal controls. With the tip of your fingers, this allows you to easily take control of the tail rudder, nose wheel and brakes. This way you can fly coordinated turns, make a perfect landing and effortlessly taxi back to the gate.

The screen of the VelocityOne serves as a Flight Management Display, for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Among other things, you can easily switch between different profiles through this screen.

Double equipped throttle

The observant viewer immediately notes two throttles on the Velocity One. At the top, you will find four levers, the buttons of which are interchangeable. Because of this, the throttle can be used for general aviation aircraft (throttle, propeller and mixture), and for airliners.

When looking at the underside of the throttle, you see the classic Vernier-style throttle, with the distinctive black, blue, and red button. This throttle is intended for smaller aircraft, such as the Cessna 172.

Immediately to the left of the throttle is a fully functional trim wheel, and ten additional programmable buttons are located on the throttle's centre console.

Status Indicator Panel for any type of aircraft

The last cool feature of the Turtle Beach VelocityOne is the Annunciator Panel, otherwise known as the Status Indicator Panel. On this panel, which comes with three different plates, you can, for example, immediately tell when a problem occurs with one of your engines. But other functions can also be monitored through this panel.

Controller for Flight Simulator on Xbox or PC

The Turtle Beach VelocityOne is compatible with Xbox Series X|S and is, therefore, the ideal flight controller for Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox. In addition, this set also works with your favourite flightsim games on PC and Xbox One.


4.5 / out of 5 stars

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