Flight Simulator Throttles for Xbox

With an Xbox Flight Simulator Throttle you'll take the realism of flight simulator to the next level.
Manage your aircraft's power settings during all phases of the flight with one of these high-quality Xbox Throttles. Our collection of Throttles for Xbox is fully compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Note that only joysticks and flight yokes can be directly connect to Xbox.
Throttles must be connected to a joystick or flight yoke (and in case of Honeycomb hardware, via a Flight Yoke and additional Xbox Hub). Only same brand hardware is compatible with each other.

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Accessories for Console

  • Gamer Plus

    ButtKicker Gamer Plus

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  • New HF8 Haptic Gaming Pad

    Next Level Racing HF8 Haptic Gaming Pad

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    € 249,00

  • HDMI Extractor

    Nedis HDMI Extractor

    Limited stock available
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    € 59,99

  • H3 Headset

    EPOS H3 Headset

    Limited stock available
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    € 99,00

  • Xbox Hub

    Honeycomb Xbox Hub

    In stock
    Ordered before 23:00 (CET), shipped today

    € 44,99


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