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Flight Simulator Rudder Pedals

Rudder Pedals primarily allow you to control the airplane's rudder. They also provide ground control as they are used for nose wheel steering and differential braking.
Flight Simulator Pedals add realism and immersion to your flight simulator experience. Continue reading ⇢

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  • Pre-order Charlie Rudder Pedals

    Honeycomb Charlie Rudder Pedals

    Expected on 30/09/2024

    Expected on 30/09/2024

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Butter your landing with Rudder Pedals

Rudder control in Flight Simulator is needed when you're trying to ace a crosswind landing or while taxiing from and towards the gate. But Rudder Pedals also allow you to dose your braking or apply differential braking. In essence, pedals add additional realism and an extra layer of immersion to your flight simulator experience, which is why we recommend adding Rudder Pedals to your flight simulator setup.
Please pay attention to the four points below when selecting the best rudder pedals for your setup:

  • Build Quality

    Build Quality

    Rudder Pedals are available in various models, sizes and, options.
    High-quality pedals are made of steel and use Hall-Effect Magnetic sensors.

  • Customizability


    The more expensive rudder pedals have customization options, such as adjustable tension, adjustable pedal angles or adjustable pedal width.

  • Mechanism


    Most pedals have a sliding or pivoting mechanism to operate the rudder pedals. The TPR utilizes a pendular system, which is the closest to reality.

  • Compatibility


    All Rudder Pedals are compatible with Windows. Pedals cannot be connected directly to a console. Always check the specifications.

Our Top Picks

Elevate your Flight Experience with our top picked Joysticks for Flight Simulator.

  • Our choice VelocityOne Rudder

    Turtle Beach VelocityOne Rudder

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    € 289,00

  • Our choice Thrustmaster - TPR Rudder System - FlightsimWebshop

    Thrustmaster TPR Rudder System

    Limited stock available
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    € 509,00

  • Virtual Fly - Ruddo + - FlightsimWebshop

    Virtual Fly Ruddo +

    Only one left in stock
    Ordered before 23:00, delivered tomorrow

    € 1.399,00

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Frequently Asked Questions about Flightsim Rudder Pedals

Are Rudder Pedals worth it for Flight Simulator?

If you're looking for an 'as real as possible'-experience or flying with a yoke, definately. With rudder pedals you have rudder- and groundcontrol of your aircraft as in a real airplane.
If you already own a joystick with twist function we feel rudder pedals are still a great add-on to your flight setup, but you won't need them (as you already have rudder control / brakes on your stick).

Is my joystick / yoke compatible with Rudder Pedals?

Yes. You can combine all hardware as long as each device has its own USB connection. I.e., there are no issues when you combine a flight controller from one brand with rudder pedals of another brand.

Not sure what hardware fits best?

You can find a lot of different Flight Simulator Rudder Pedals on this page. But what if you're not completely sure what type of controller fits you best?

No worries! We've got you covered with a dedicated page for beginning pilots. On this page, we guide you through the different models and options and explain everything about joysticks, yokes, rudder pedals, and throttles.

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