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Flight Simulator Rudder Pedals for Xbox

With Flight Simulator Rudder Pedals for Xbox, you'll take the realism of Microsoft Flight Simulator to the next level.
Xbox Rudder Pedals give rudder control to butter all (crosswind) landings. On the ground, rudder pedals provide nose wheel steering and enable you to use differential braking. Our collection of Rudder Pedals for Xbox is fully compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

All Xbox Rudder Pedals listed on this page are fully compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator. Please note that a Rudder Pedals for Xbox cannot be directly connected to your Xbox Series X|S but must be connected to your primary flight controller, such as a joystick or yoke. In the case of the Honeycomb Charlie Rudder Pedals, you need to connect it via the Xbox HUB and Alpha XPC.
Be aware that Xbox Flightsim Hardware is only compatible with the same brand.

  • Pre-order Charlie Rudder Pedals

    Honeycomb Charlie Rudder Pedals

    Expected on 30/09/2024

    Expected on 30/09/2024

    € 389,00

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