Thrustmaster T.Flight U.S. Airforce Edition Headset

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Product information

Classic, comfortable design

Thrustmaster took a good look at ‘real’ aviation while designing the T.Flight U.S. Air Force Edition Headset. Its classic design has over-ear ear cups, equipped with memory foam cushions and a comfortable gel layer, ensuring that after an hour of flying the headset is still comfortable.

On the T.Flight Headset’s left ear cup you can find a volume button, allowing you to adjust the level of the sound directly, and the detachable uni-directional microphone, which you can adjust to the size and shape of your head.

The quality of the US Air Force’s headset is very high. The two 50mm speakers offer a stable frequency response curve with a perfect balance between bass, middle, and high tunes, resulting in crystal clear audio.

The headset comes with three different ear cup faceplates allowing you to give your headset your own style.

Suitable for the TrackClip Pro

Are you using the NaturalPoint TrackIR? Then it is good to know the TrackClip Pro does not fit on the black part of the Thrustmaster T.Flight U.S. Air Force Edition Headset’s headband.
The TrackClip fits on the headset’s metal headband extender. The extender is the metal piece of the headset allowing you to adjust the size of your headset. If your head is big enough, you can continue using the motion tracker because of this.

An aviation headset with standard connector

The T.Flight headset has a three-meter long cable, and as opposed to ‘real’ aviation headsets, it does not come with an aviation plug, but with a standard 3.5mm jack connector, so you can not only use this headset for your PC or Mac, but also for your favorite game consoles such as the Playstation 4 or Xbox One.


5.0 / out of 5 stars

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