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Saitek Switch Panel

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Magnetos, gear lever and 15 switches

This Logitech Saitek Switch Panel is one of our best-selling flightsim modules. This switch panel has 15 switches for lightning, pitot heat, and the fuel pump. A gear lever with led indication and a magneto switch like you would find in most small aircraft are included on this panel as well, making the Saitek Switch Panel a great expansion in every home cockpit.

Logitech’s modules are modular and interchangeable, so you can easily expand or change your home cockpit. It is easy to mount them on your Saitek Yoke, Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls, or Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant, but they can also be used separately or in combination with other joysticks. When connecting multiple panels, we recommend you use a USB hub with external power.

Pros and cons

  • All your buttons within reach‚ Logitech Flight Panels can be used modularly‚ so you can build up your home cockpit in steps
  • When connecting multiple Logitech Flight Panels a powered USB hub may be required


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Saitek Switch Panel

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