Flight Simulator hardware for Advanced Flightsimmers

If you already have made some flight hours you might be looking for an upgrade of your current flight controls, or an expansion of your flight simulator setup with a throttle quadrant or rudder pedals. On this page we've listed hardware selected to upgrade or update your current experience.

Because you're visiting our Flight Simulator hardware for Advanced Flightsimmers page, we assume you already have some experience with Flight Simulation. If you're completely new to Flight Simulator, please visit our page for beginners first.

Up your game

Chances are that you have purchased an entry-level flight controller when you started flying. They are perfect for discovering flight simulator and finding out if you like the genre. If you want to up your game (or actually your simulator experience), you can also choose to buy a new flight controller.

When purchasing a flight controller, consider which planes you prefer to fly. How these planes are controlled answers whether you have to choose a joystick and throttle or flight yoke.
If your preferred airplane is an Airbus or Boeing airliner, we recommend you check out the Thrustmaster TCA-range. Please note that the Thrustmaster Boeing controls are -in our opinion- more of an expert choice, but certainly, a good choice if Boeing planes are your favorite.

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Control your power settings with a throttle

With a throttle, you can control your airplane's power settings. Although this is possible with most joysticks already (with a slider on the base of the stick), a throttle is more accurate due to its more extensive range. Most throttles also have an extensive number of buttons. In the most popular flight simulators, these buttons are assigned to the most used functions (i.e., gear, flaps, or lights), but they can also be set to your preference manually.

You can also choose a throttle quadrant. The big difference between a standard throttle and a throttle quadrant is the number of axes. A quadrant usually has at least three axis, which can be used for multi-engine flying or for setting your propellor- and mixture- settings. Some quadrants even have the possibility to add a speedbrake or flaps lever.

Enhance Your Flight Experience with Rudder Pedals

Rudder Pedals are a great addition to your setup as well. Pedals are placed on the ground and are operated with your feet. They are mainly used to control your rudder (part of the vertical stabilizer of the tailplane). If you want to make a nice crosswind landing, you can't fly without rudder pedals. Another function of the pedals is ground control. You use the pedals to steer your (nose)wheel while taxi-ing. They are also used for braking.

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Accessories for Flight Simulator

When taking your flight simulator experience to the next level you can also add flight simulator accessories.
We have a comprehensive range of flight simulator modules, i.e., to control your automatic pilot or radio's. Or a high-fidelity headset to undergo the sound of your airplane on a whole other level.

  • Logitech G - Saitek Multi Panel - FlightsimWebshop

    Logitech G Saitek Multi Panel

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  • Logitech G - Saitek Radio Panel - FlightsimWebshop

    Logitech G Saitek Radio Panel

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  • Thrustmaster - MFD Cougar - FlightsimWebshop

    Thrustmaster MFD Cougar

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    969,00 kr

  • Our choice Live

    Loupedeck Live

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  • H3 Hybrid Headset

    EPOS H3 Hybrid Headset

    Limited stock available
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    1.825,00 kr

Are you flying on Xbox Series X|S?

All Flight Simulator hardware listed on this page is fully compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator on Windows PC.
Are you a virtual pilot flying on Xbox Series X|S? Please make sure to check out our dedicated Flight Simulator Hardware for Console page, as not all hardware is compatible with Xbox.


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