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Great that you are curious about the story behind FlightsimWebshop!

Let's introduce myself; my name is Jeremy, and I have been able to make my passion for Flight Simulation into my work as the owner of FlightsimWebshop.
My passion began shortly after my twelfth birthday when I bought Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 with the money I got for my birthday from the local computer store.

I learned to 'fly' with a book on my lap as YouTube didn't exist yet, and there were no tutorials on the internet.
After several years of flying with a keyboard and mouse, I ordered my first controller (Saitek Pro Flight Yoke system) and, shortly after, my first rudder pedals. I used this set extensively, even during my flight training. Flight Simulator is not only a lot of fun and the perfect way to relax but also a great way to prepare for flight lessons or to perfect your skills.

Flight Simulator has existed for more than 40 years and has grown into its own genre. What started as a few lines on a screen has become a complex simulation with a world mimicked by AI. The release of Microsoft Flight Simulator in 2020 has undoubtedly given the genre a huge boost.

Since 2013, FlightsimWebshop is also part of this genre. It started in a tiny attic room with only a few customers and grew into a company with thousands of customers worldwide, a showroom, and warehouses in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
In the first ten years of its existence, FlightsimWebshop has grown to be a Flight Simulator expert (and those aren't my words!) and has become a partner of many major brands. However, the main goal of FlightsimWebshop has always stayed the same: sharing passion and product knowledge and providing excellent service. Why would you not offer your customers the same service that you would want to receive?

Perfection is the goal here, and while I realize that this will not always be possible, I am proud that we are rated an average of 9.5 and that 99% of our customers recommend us.

What our customers say

Over 1500 customers rate FlightsimWebshop.com an average of 9,5.

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  • Great price and quick shipping (just about a week from order to arrival in the US) on a difficult item to find in the states.5/5 Andrew Luptak
  • Prima geregeld en uitstekend geholpen door Jeremy, toen het me met de
    downloads even niet lukte. Fijne shop met vriendelijke prijzen.
    5/5 Ed
  • Über das Gerät brauchen wir glaub ich nicht sprechen… einfach top!
    Ansonsten hat alles wunderbar funktioniert, schneller Versand, vernünftig verpackt und einfache Bezahlung.
    5/5 Christopher Wittig

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