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Product information

Realistic GNS430 for flight simulator

Complete your cockpit with RealSimGear’s Garmin GNS430. This system is designed specifically to use with Microsoft FSX, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, Prepar3D, and X-Plane 11, and it is not a replica of the Garmin 430 which is often seen in small aviation. The rubber rotary push buttons and its 3.5-inch (8.9 cm) LCD display provide a realistic experience while setting up your flight plan, or entering your SID or STAR. Besides, you can switch COM and NAV frequencies fast and easily.
Additional software from Reality XP or Mindstar Aviation simulating the operation of GNS in your flight simulator is required if you want to use the FSX (Steam Edition) or P3D. You do not need any additional software for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and X-Plane 11. Installing the plugin is sufficient.

Flight Simulator meets Flight training

Just like RealSimGear’s GNS530, the GNS430 is used as a training device by aviation schools, so that students can become familiar with the operation of the Garmin430 without having to sit in an aircraft. Training has been proven to be more effective by using the hardware instead of a keyboard and mouse.

Connect, install, configure, and fly away

Unlike many other GPS systems, the RealSimGear is ready-to-use, meaning you can directly connect the hardware to your computer’s USB port. After installation and configuration, you are ready to use the GNS 430.
If you do not install the GNS in a cockpit panel, we recommend you order a desktop stand. This stable stand made out of steel has an anti-slip base and ensures you can operate your hardware properly.


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