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Flight Simulator hardware for Expert Flightsimmers

Please find our selection of high-end flightsimulator hardware, designed specifically for experienced sim pilots.
From realistic (replica) joysticks and yokes to flight seats and even cockpit panels, the hardware found on this page will surely take your simulation setup to the next level.

Additional immersion for your flight simulator experience

We've selected the expert flight simulator hardware on this page with immersion in mind. The high-quality, precise, and sturdy flight controls listed on this page are built by their manufacturers to provide a better and even more realistic flight simulation experience. Using this hardware will take your simulation experience to the next level.

General Aviation, Airliner, or Fighter Jet?

We've got you covered! Some of the products you'll find on this 'expert'-page are exact replicas of flight controls you'll find in real planes. Well, almost exact, as they have been adjusted for flight simulation. In a real plane, you won't find a HAT switch, for instance, but it is nice to have one, as you need camera control when flying.

To achieve the best -and most realistic- flight simulator experience, we advise using a joystick or yoke (depending on the type of plane you're flying), rudder pedals, and a throttle quadrant.

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High-quality Flightsimulator hardware

FlightsimWebshop is official reseller of professional Virtual Fly hardware. Virtual Fly is known for their high quality precise hardware used by expert flightsimmers, as well as (student)pilots and flight schools around the world.

If you're looking to the ultimate flight simulation experience, or want to train for real-life flying, we highly recommend Virtual Fly flight simulator hardware.

  • Virtual Fly - SOLO GA - FlightsimWebshop

    Virtual Fly SOLO GA

    Available on order
    Delivery in more than five days

    55 800 kr

  • Virtual Fly - Yoko + - FlightsimWebshop

    Virtual Fly Yoko +

    Available on order
    Delivery in more than five days

    18 716 kr

  • Virtual Fly - Ruddo + - FlightsimWebshop

    Virtual Fly Ruddo +

    Available on order
    Delivery in more than five days

    17 476 kr

  • Virtual Fly - TQ6+ - FlightsimWebshop

    Virtual Fly TQ6+

    Available on order
    Delivery in more than five days

    11 151 kr

  • Switcho Radio

    Virtual Fly Switcho Radio

    Out of stock
    Unkown deliverytime

    14 251 kr

Accessories for Flight Simulator

When taking your flight simulator experience to the next level you can also add flight simulator accessories.
We have a comprehensive range of accessories, from flight seats to high-fidelity headsets.

  • Sale -13%Our choice Flight Simulator

    Next Level Racing Flight Simulator

    In stock
    Shipped within two businessdays

    11 151 kr9 662 kr

  • Sale -8% HF8 Haptic Gaming Pad

    Next Level Racing HF8 Haptic Gaming Pad

    Available on order
    Delivery in more than five days

    3 089 kr2 841 kr

  • Gamer Pro

    ButtKicker Gamer Pro

    Out of stock
    Unkown deliverytime

    5 445 kr

  • Our choice Live

    Loupedeck Live

    In stock
    Ordered now, shipped tomorrow

    3 461 kr

  • Sale -18% H3PRO Hybrid Headset

    EPOS H3PRO Hybrid Headset

    Only one left in stock
    Ordered now, shipped tomorrow

    3 461 kr2 841 kr

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

There are so many choices that you may feel overwhelmed. No worries, we're happy to advice you. Just drop us an e-mail or give us a call!

If you think the hardware on this page is too complicated for you, you can also check out our Flight Simulator hardware for Advanced Flightsimmers page.

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Are you flying on Xbox Series X|S?

All Flight Simulator hardware listed on this page is fully compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator on Windows PC.
Are you a virtual pilot flying on Xbox Series X|S? Please make sure to check out our dedicated Flight Simulator Hardware for Console page, as not all hardware is compatible with Xbox.


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