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Product information

Developed for professional flight simulators

The Virtual Fly Yoko is developed specifically for professional full-motion simulators, but luckily it is available for demanding flight simmers as well.

The Yoko yoke has a metal ax of 144 millimeters, allowing you to control the pitch of your seat very precisely. The roll axis also has a large deflection of 180 (90 left, 90 right).
Thanks to the ingenious ‘striping system’ the resistance on both the pitch and roll axis increases as the results on the controls increase. According to experts, this is what gives a realistic feeling. The Yoko is equipped with two tilting switches (for horizontal and vertical trim functions) and two programmable buttons.

Because the Yoko is a high-quality product, the US Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.). has certified this yoko for training purposes.

Robust yoke for all Flight Simulators

This yoke, which weighs 9 kilos, is made out of metal for 90% and can be connected to your flightsim system using a USB cable. The drivers, which are easy to install, ensure your Yoko functions with Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX and MSFS2020), Prepar3D (P3D), and X-Plane immediately. Of course, the Yoko can also be set completely at your own discretion via tools such as FSUIPC.


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