Next Level Racing Flight Simulator

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Product information

Flight Seat for the demanding flightsim pilot

Next Level Racing has introduced an entirely new line of three flight simulator seats explicitly designed for the demanding flight simulator pilot. For this line, they have collaborated with Boeing to create two special edition flight seats: the Boeing Commerical Edition (with blue accents) and the Boeing Military Edition (with army green accents).

Compatible with almost all flight simulator hardware

Whichever version you choose, your flight simulator hardware will almost certainly be compatible with the Next Level Racing Flight Simulator. The seat comes with many pre-drilled accessories, allowing you to easily mount Honeycomb, Logitech (Saitek), Thrustmaster, and Turtle Beach hardware. Place your keyboard and mouse on the seat, and you'll have everything you need to fly at your fingertips.

Fully customizable and configurable

The flight seat is fully configurable and adjustable. You can slide the seat forward or backward, and the backrest is adjustable. The center console (on which you can mount a yoke or keyboard) is easily folded away, making getting in and out easy. You also choose how to place your flight sim hardware. For example, you can set the distance to your rudder pedals or whether you place your hardware on the left, center, or right side of your seat.

Characteristic features from Boeing aircraft

The Next Level Racing Flight Simulator is available in three versions, two officially licensed by Boeing.

The Boeing Commercial Edition flight seat features the distinctive "sheepskin" seat. This type of seat is found in most cockpits of Boeing airliners. In addition, the flight seat has several Boeing blue accents.

Choose the Boeing licensed Military Edition for a flight seat with army green accents and distinctive (also comfortable) seat upholstery.

A Next Level Experience

The flight seat is compatible with Next Level Racing's various motion products, which allows you to turn your flight simulator seat into a maximum 4-DOF (Degrees of Freedom) simulator. If you use a Buttkicker, it is easy to install thanks to the included adapter.

Suitable for almost everyone

Big or small, the NLR Flight Simulator is suitable for anyone taller than 1.40m, smaller than 2.10m, and with a maximum user weight of 150kg. In short, that's almost everyone.
The maximum dimensions of this steel seat are 1.38 x 1.20 x 0.55 meters.


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