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Product information

The first Flight Simulator for console

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the next-gen flight simulator that is already a legendary one. It is compatible with Xbox Series X|S. From General Aviation to large aviation, or from America to Antarctica; you will fly all over the world in the most realistic, detailed aircraft. Fly in the most realistic and challenging weather conditions and enjoy the incredible view!

This is a digital product, which can be downloaded immediately after purchase.

Optimized for Xbox

Microsoft has fully optimized this game for Xbox Series X|S. Because of this, the game runs smoothly while you continue to enjoy the amazing graphics at a high frame rate. If you connect your favorite controller to your console MSFS 2020 (as the game is called sometimes) will recognize the controller, and will set it up for you automatically. Curious about which consoles are compatible? We have listed them for you here.

A completely new 3D engine

Microsoft had a completely new 3D engine developed for Flight Simulator. This engine supports 4K screens and HDR (High Dynamic Range) photographic images making Flightsim 2020 even more detailed than its predecessors.

Because the game uses Bing’s satellite data the world is at your feet. Highways, streets, rivers, and lakes; they are all located exactly where they are located in real life.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) everything is merged and the world is brought to life.

Ultra-realistic flight model

Microsoft Flight simulator is more realistic than ever with a newly developed flight model. Powers are dynamically structured, and weather conditions, or for example flying through the clouds, influences this. This makes the simulation ultra-realistic.

The development continues

The software is continuously being improved. New features are added, undesirable problems are solved.

Despite the fact that Microsoft Flight Simulator is extremely detailed already, the team behind the flightsim releases World Updates regularly. More details are added to certain areas in these updates. These are, for example, improvements in airports, but also added landmarks such as stadiums, museums, or famous buildings.

Choose the right version

There are three different Flight Simulator 2020 versions: standard, deluxe, and premium deluxe. The difference between the three is the number of fully, manually developed 3D airports and aircraft.


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