Top Gun: Maverick

Landing on an aircraft carrier, performing a Mach loop, or conducting a reconnaissance flight near Miramar Airport, Experience the speed and thrill of flying in the F/A-18 Super Hornet for yourself, just like in the movie, with Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC or Xbox Series X|S.
Microsoft Flight Simulator is the most cutting-edge flight simulator available today. Microsoft has managed to capture the world in a computer game by combining advanced techniques and satellite imagery.

With a joystick, controlling your favorite airplane becomes much more manageable, realistic (and fun). We've gathered a few for you on this page that we think you'll enjoy.

Top Gun: Maverick DLC

To celebrate the release of the latest Top Gun movie, Microsoft is releasing a Top Gun Maverick expansion. Until the film's premiere, the content of this DLC (downloadable content) remains classified (May 27, TopGun Memorial Day). Nonetheless, the trailer below has already gone viral.

Test your limits in the F/A-18 Super Hornet

Do you want to know how quickly the ground shoots out from under you when you fly fast? Then attempt the Mach Loop. You can fly at high speeds through a series of interconnected valleys in Wales (United Kingdom), as the Royal Air Force (RAF) does during training exercises.

Or test your skills during a landing on an Aircraft Carrier such as the USS Enterprise (free download for Windows PC). Make sure your tailhook hooks behind the arrestor cable by flying at the right speed and angle of descent. Not an easy task, but practice makes perfect!