Microsoft Flight Simulator - Reno Air Races

Reno Air Races is the first major expansion pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator. During the Air Races the objective is to fly a race route between cones, at high speed, and at a limited height. The person who completes this route with the fastest time, and makes the fewest mistakes, wins. Of course, you want to use hardware allowing you to set the fastest time. We have selected the best flight sticks and accessories to use when racing.

Our recommendations for Flight Simulator Air Races

Fastest race event in the entire world

Every year in September the Reno Stead Airport (KRTS) is home to the world’s fastest motorsport event: the Reno Air Races.
The Air Races have been organized since 1964, and have become a huge event during which not only races in different classes are held, but an airshow and a static show are held as well.

Another large Air Race event, which has perhaps become more well-known worldwide, is the Red Bull Air Race. This race event has traveled the world and has been held in 36 different locations over the course of 16 years, under which Berlin, Budapest, London, New York, and Rotterdam.

The first major expansion for Flight Simulator

The Reno Air Race expansion pack is introduced at the same time as the Microsoft Flight Simulator – Game of the Year edition and is the first major expansion for MSFS2020.

The expansion contains the event in its entirety, meaning you will get to experience the event including bleachers with spectators, aircraft on the parking stands and stands that can be visited during the event. In addition, the environment around Reno has been updated, making it even more realistic and accurate.

Air racing against the rest of the world

Air races are flown in four different categories: unlimited, jets, T-6, and biplanes. You can choose to try and get the fastest lap time and have your name immortalized in the Xbox Live leaderboards, or you can compete against other flyers in a Quickmatch.

During a Quickmatch, the first thing you need to do is fly a qualification round. Your time will determine your starting position in the racing field. Then, the race will be flown by all aircraft at the same time. The person with the fastest time and the fewest mistakes (for example by taking a shortcut, or flying too low / too high) wins the race.

In-air collisions result in a crash, and you will not be disqualified immediately, but you will not keep your current position, and you will fall back.

Four fully modeled aircraft

The Reno Air Race expansion pack costs € 19,99 and includes four fully-modeled aircraft.

  • North American T-6 Texan
  • North American P-51 Mustang
  • Aero L-39 Albatros
  • Aviat Pitts Special S1S

Besides the four ‘standard aircraft’ (one aircraft for each class), there is a full collection available. The full collection consists of ten extra aircraft per race class, and costs € 59,99.

MSFS2020 Reno Air Race Expansion pack infographic

Moreover, each aircraft can be purchased individually for € 10,00 per aircraft, or you can purchase an entire race class for € 30,00.
The Air Race aircraft can be used to explore the world and will be available in your hangar.

Speed, agility, and reaction speed

Speed, agility, and reaction speed are important factors when air racing. For this reason, flying an Air Race aircraft is done using a stick. Therefore, we recommend using a joystick, possibly with a throttle (HOTAS setup).

Will you be racing on your Xbox Series X|S? Then your choice is limited to the T.Flight Hotas One or T.Flight Full Kit Xbox Series.