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Product information

The Virtual Fly Yoke, reinvented

With the Virtual Fly Yoko+, Virtual Fly has reinvented and improved its most famous and praised flight controller.

At first glance, the Yoko+ looks similar to its older brother. What stands out is that the Yoko+ has a pov hat switch, allowing you to easily control your camera, as opposed to its older brother.

The biggest difference can be seen in the technique. The Yoko+ uses magnetic Hall sensors. These sensors register the movement by a change in the magnetic field after a movement. Partly thanks to the Virtual Fly Yoko+’s large pitch (14.4 centimeters) and its range of motion (180), this yoke is the most accurate of its sort.

Thanks to the ingenious ‘striping system’ the resistance on both the pitch and roll axis increases as the results on the controls increase. According to experts, this is what gives a realistic feeling.

The Yoko+ is part of all the F.A.A. Certified Aviation Training Devices, built by Virtual Fly for aviation schools, among others.

Robust yoke for all Flight Simulators

This Yoko plus, is made out of metal for 90% and can be connected to your flightsim system using a USB cable. The drivers, which are easy to install, ensure your yoke functions with Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX and MSFS2020), Prepar3D (P3D), and X-Plane immediately. Of course, the Yoko can also be set completely at your own discretion via tools such as FSUIPC.


5.0 / out of 5 stars

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