Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3

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Product information

Experience what it feels like to fly

The Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3 makes flying from home a very realistic experience. Experience the movements of the aircraft in the air, and feel when your wheels touch the asphalt again.
The Next Level Racing motion simulator is compatible with virtually all popular flight simulators, under which DCS World, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, Prepar3D, and X-Plane 11. Of course, your Motion Platform V3 is also compatible with your favorite race games. Check out the 100+ games that are compatible with the Motion Platform on Next Level Racing’s website.

Effective distribution of g-forces on your body

The Motion Platform is designed to only make your chair move. Thanks to this smart design it is possible to have g-forces work more effectively on your body than if your cockpit (stand) would be moving along as well. This technology is often used during professional racer’s training, but also in high-end (flight) simulators from CXC Simulations, for example.

The included software also adds to your experience. With help of the platform manager, you can easily adjust how intense the movements can be. In addition, the software includes a special module for VR flyers or racers which calculates how the VR image should be compensated for movements so that you get an authentic experience.

Designed and built in Europe

The Next Level Racing Motion sim is designed and built in Europe, and therefore it complies with the European standards. The platform moves very fast, with a maximum speed of 20°/s over an angle of up to 10 degrees (from the zero position). The platform can support individuals up to 130 kg, including het chair (GT Track, GT Ultimate, and Flight Simulator Pro are supported).


5.0 / out of 5 stars

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