FR-Tec Raptor Mach 2

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Product information

Excellent review by PC Pilot Magazine

The FR-Tec Raptor Mach 2 is a competitively priced standalone flight stick that was rated a 9 (out of 10) by the renowned PC Pilot Magazine.

The reason why this stick has such excellent reviews is because it uses advanced Hall Effect sensors, among other things. These sensors are digital and do not contain any moving components. Because of this they do not wear off, and they will remain accurate. Another reason why this stick has great reviews, is because of the large number of buttons. A total of 29 actions can be assigned when using a combination of the shift and mode selector. There are assigned buttons for engine starter, flaps, and eject as well. These can be programmed at your own discretion.
Of course, you will find an 8-way HAT switch on this stick to control the cockpit camera.

The stick is (also) equipped with a twist function, allowing you to control your tail rudder. Thanks to the stick twist you no longer need separate rudder pedals.

Heavy and stable joystick

The Raptor Mach2 is a lot heavier than the average joystick in this price range because of its weighted base. This weighted base ensures the stick will remain in place while using it. If you wish to mount your stick in the cockpit you can do so by using the pre-drilled holes in the stick’s bottom plate.

Made for Combat Flight Simulation

FR-Tec’s Raptor Mach 2 is made for Combat Flight Simulator. The trigger has a safety lock, and you will find an eject button on the base of the stick.
Of course, the Mach2 is compatible with all other PC flight simulators as well.


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