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Product information

Pros and cons of the Gamer2

  • Gives flight simulators and race games an extra dimension
  • Easy to mount under your chair
  • Thanks to the remote control the amplifier can be placed out of sight
  • An audio splitter is a necessity for console gaming

Adds feeling to Flight Simulator

The Buttkicker Gamer 2 brings flight simulator to life. With the bass shaker, which is easy to mount to your chair using a clasp, you experience the vibrations of the motors during takeoff, the rattling when firing your machineguns during a dogfight, and you can feel it when you land too roughly. The Gamer 2 is the ideal addition to your flightsim, giving flying an extra dimension.

Feel the power of your engine

Not only is the Gamer2 very suitable for flight simulator, but it is also the perfect addition for race games, for example. Change your seat into a race seat and feel the power of the engine, feel the gears change, and feel the collisions when making a mistake while steering. The Gamer 2 is compatible with nearly all popular sim racing games for PC, Mac, or console (Playstation / Xbox). Please note that when connecting to a console you might need a (HDMI) audio splitter.

No arguments with your neighbors

The amplifier’s power is 75-250 watts, and thanks to the included wired remote control. This remote control allows you to adjust the intensity of the vibrations so you can fly or race without the neighbors complaining about the bass tones. You will also no longer be bothered by the sound of the bass shaker, because no fans have been used for cooling, but convection cooling has been chosen instead.


5.0 / out of 5 stars

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