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Flight simulator Controls

Flight controls are a must for anyone who flies virtually. With a joystick or yoke, controlling your plane is much easier and more accurate compared to controlling it with a keyboard or mouse.
Rudder functionality
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€999,00 *
€999,00 *
Warthog HOTAS
Warthog HOTAS
€469,99 SRP €375,00 *
T16000M FCS Flight Pack
T16000M FCS Flight Pack
€199,00 SRP €189,00 *
Fighter Stick USB
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Yoke USB
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T.Flight Rudder Pedals
T.Flight Rudder Pedals
€97,50 SRP €89,00 *
Saitek Yoke system
€149,90 *
Saitek Rudder pedals
€139,90 *
Saitek X52 Pro
€169,90 *
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More precision with the right Flightsim controls.

As you get started in flight simulation, you will soon notice that controlling your plane by using a keyboard and mouse can be very difficult. Flight simulation controls are pretty much mandatory when you want to make a nice crosswind landing or if you want to win a dogfight. With flight controls, controlling a plane suddenly becomes much easier and a lot more accurate.

At FlightsimWebshop.com, we have controls in four categories: joysticks, yokes, rudder pedals and throttles.

With a joystick or yoke, you have full control over your plane, you use it to control your ailerons and elevator. If you mainly play combat flightsims or spacesims, a joystick is probably the best choice for you. When flying in Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D or X-Plane, a realistic flight sim yoke usually is the most logical choice.

Rudder pedals give you control over your rudder. These pedals are not necessarily a must, but they add extra reality to your simulation. Rudder pedals also give you control over your plane while on the ground, for example during taxiing.

Finally, the throttle. With a throttle, you control the power of a plane.
On many joysticks you will find a slider that can be used as a throttle. On some yokes, you will find three levers that are used for power (throttle), propeller and fuel mixture.

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