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CH Products

Rudder functionality
Suitable for
Yoke USB
€165,00 *
Pro Pedals USB
€165,00 *
Fighter Stick USB
€162,70 *
Eclipse Yoke
€229,00 *
Throttle Quadrant
€162,70 *
Combat Stick USB
€124,90 *
Pro Throttle
€162,70 *
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CH Products

CH Products has been a leading manufacturer of joysticks, flight yokes and rudder pedals for more than 25 years. This makes CH Products a pioneer in the joystick industry. They produce high-quality plug and play flightsim hardware for both general aviation simulation (yokes) as well as combat simulation (joysticks). Both Windows and MAC are supported.

The company also offers special control manager software that allows you to customise all your CH Products joysticks, yokes and rudder pedals.

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