Next Level Racing Traction Plus Platform

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Product information

Close the gap between realism and simulation

The Next Level Racing Traction Plus Motion Platform is designed to close the important gap between the real racetrack and a simulated environment, with better performance, and breathtaking realism. The Traction Plus moves the entire simulator, and delivers both understeer and oversteer (with loss of grip at the rear) as realistically as possible. The Traction Plus can also be combined with the Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3 for the ultimate feedback. This way the operator can experience even more: sway, understeer, loss of grip, power slide, lateral G-force and longitudinal G-force.

The included software also adds to your experience. Using the platform manager, you can easily determine how intense the movements can be, with just a few clicks. In addition, the software includes a module specially for VR flyers or racers, that calculates how the VR image should be compensated for movements so that you get an authentic experience.

The sky is the limit

Although this Traction Platform is developed for sim racing it can also be used for flight simulation, combined with the Motion Platform V3. The Motion Platform V3 simulates the pitch and roll movements, and the Next Level Racing Traction Plus Motion Platform adds the yaw movements to that.
This means you experience a crosswind landing in flightsim much more realistically, and you are able to feel it when you fly an uncoordinated turn.


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