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Pros and cons

  • Throttle with distinctive Airbus features
  • Built-in integration with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
  • Extremely accurate non-contact magnetic sensors
  • It is not possible to assign flaps or gear to buttons on the TQ, for example

More realistic flights with the TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition

Flight Simulator has become a little more realistic with the TCA Quadrant ‘Airbus Edition’. This TQ is developed by Thrustmaster, for Airbus flyers. Of course, the throttle also works with any other aircraft.

Power settings as in an Airbus

The Airbus Throttle Quadrant has two separate working thrust levers, which are equipped with fully functioning thrust reverser levers and TO/GA buttons. The resistance of the Thrust Levers can easily be adjusted to your own preferences by tightening or loosening a resistance screw.
What makes this quadrant special and different from the other available throttle quadrants, is that the throttle can be used linearly and in Airbus style. By converting the mechanic switch to the quadrant, it is possible to use the Airbus mode, such as Idle, Climb, Flex, and TO/GA, or not.
In addition, the TCA Quadrant has an engine panel, with Airbus A320 Neo replica buttons, from ‘Engine Master’ switches, among others.

Sensors are always accurate

Under the hood the Airbus throttle is perfectly in order as well. In addition to the possibility to select the throttle mode, this product cannot be contaminated with potentiometers. These sensors rarely ever malfunction, and always remain equally accurate.

Adding modular motors or functionality

The Throttle Quadrant can be expanded modularly with, for example, an extra TCA Quadrant 'Airbus Edition', which gives you the opportunity to fly four-engined, or with modules for flaps and gear, for example.

This product is also fully compatible with the Thrustmaster Flying Clamp.

Built-in integration with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

The TCA Throttle has a built-in integration with Flight Simulator 2020: setting up your TQ is done automatically when FS2020 recognizes your Airbus hardware.
Of course, this product is also compatible with Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D, and X-Plane 11, meaning this flightsim hardware is a great addition if you already possess the Aerosoft A320/A321, for example.


4.0 / out of 5 stars

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