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Pros and cons

  • Affordable entry-level model if you are searching for a HOTAS-setup
  • The joystick and throttle can be adjusted to your own preferences
  • With the X52 you control your rudder pedals thanks to the 3D twist function
  • The MFD only displays information. It is not possible to adjust the radio settings.

Solid, highly accurate, and packed with features

Logitech G’s Saitek X52 Flight control system is solid, lies well in the hand, and flying is highly accurate. The latter is partly due to the contactless technology on de X ax and Y ax, and the constant spring tension. It is possible to program up to 282 commandos on the X52. In addition, it is equipped with a number of solid and wear-resistant aluminum buttons.

Well-thought-out design

Logitech knows that every flight simulation is different and that every virtual flyer has its own preferences. Therefore, the X52 HOTAS-set is fully adjustable to your own preferences; the joystick grip is adjustable (five different modes), the throttle tension is adjustable (using a control knob), and if you do not have access to rudder pedals you can use the 3D-twist function (which can also be disabled if you fly with rudder pedals).

Information about the Multifunctional LCD Display (MFD)

The Logitech X52 is equipped with a Multifunctional LCD Display, or in short, MFD. A timer can be displayed on the MFD, but the radio settings can also - very convenient - be viewed at a glance. The display has a blue backlight, of which the brightness can be adjusted so that you will not struggle with obtrusive light in the dark.


4.5 / out of 5 stars

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