Air Race Championship

FlightsimWebshop is hosting - in collaboration with ShoneyGaming - the first open Microsoft Flight Simulator Air Race Championship.
Join us on March 25 as a pilot (MSFS Reno Air Race expansion pack required) or as a spectator for a thrill full event.

How can I compete?

That's easy! Subscribe via the subscription form, which can be found here, or at the bottom of this page and be available on March 25, between 12:00 and 16:00 UTC. Also, make sure to add ShoneyGaming (who is covering the entire event via Twitch) to your flight simulator friend list. If you’re not on this list, we can’t add you to the Air Races (as this is necessary for a custom race).
Lastly: start practicing! We fly each round in a different aircraft type, so make sure to master them all!

Competition setup

The event will be held in three rounds.
In the first round (qualification), you’ll be flying a plane from the Biplane Class and compete in three laps to become the fastest plane(s) to get into the semi-finals.
The semi-final is also a three-laps race, but flown in the Unlimited Class.
The last race of the day is the grand final. Only the best racers who qualified themselves during the semi-finals will compete with each other in a five laps during racing in the Jet Class.

The championship winner will win a Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS Flight Pack or T.Flight Full Kit Xbox Series. The runner-up wins a € 50,00 FlightsimWebshop voucher and whoever ends in third place wins a Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on of their choice with a value up to € 30,00.

Live coverage by ShoneyGaming

The entire event is live covered by ShoneyGaming via Twitch. Shoney is normally streaming his flight to every country in the world (an epic trip of over 440.000 km) in his C172. Together with his audience (CabinCrew), he has planned over 2200+ hours of flying fun. Want to check out his stream, or fly along? Check out his Twitch from Wednesday until Friday:

Gear-up for Racing

If you want to compete for a top-three position, we highly recommend you to use flight controls during the Air Race Championship. We have selected hardware for both PC and Xbox specifically for Air Racing. Check out our recommendations for Flight Simulator Air Races.

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