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TrackIR 5

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Experience 3D on a flat-screen

Step into your cockpit with the NaturalPoint TrackIR 5, and experience 3D on a flat-screen. Thanks to the TrackIR you can fully immerse yourself in your game, and you can look around by simply moving your head.

The head tracker is an advanced piece of technology with a ‘Field of View’ of 51.7º, a frequency of 120 frames per second, and a response time of only nine milliseconds. Because of this you are able to move the in-game camera smoothly, without any noticeable delay.
The TrackIR 5 has six degrees of freedom of movement (6 DOF, six degrees of freedom), namely: The X-, Y-, and Z-axe and pitch, roll and yaw, so that the camera you place on your monitor can register every movement.

Never again next to the centerline

Using the vectorclip’s (always included) reflecting infrared light, or the TrackClip Pro’s (sold separately, to use on a headset) active lightning, the monitor camera follows the position of your head.
If the position of your head changes (within the ranges of the TrackIR 5), by looking from left to right for example, the in-game camera follows your head. You no longer have to deal with your hat switch, or guess when you should turn to get straight to the centerline; you are now able to see it.

Fully configurable to your needs

Using the powerful (downloadable) software, you are able to set the TrackIR 5 up exactly how you want it. Both the sensitivity and speed of every ax are individually adjustable: linear or exponentially. Take your time to set up your profile the way you want.
Of course, you can also use the standard profiles that are automatically installed.

Also suitable for shooters, sim-racing, and other simulation games

The TrackIR 5 is not only suitable for flight simulators, but it can also be used for shooters, race games and other simulation games such as Farming Simulator or OMSI Bus Simulator At the moment more than 200 games are officially supported, and this number continues to increase.

Pros and cons

  • Move the in-game camera using your head
  • Works with hundreds of different games
  • Create multiple profiles which you can connect to specific games
  • When using the VectorCip alone the reach between camera and head is limited


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TrackIR 5

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